Get Ready for the Future!

…train yourself in godliness.

~ 1 Timothy 4:7

Get Equipped to

Walk in Your Calling

SPIRIT-GYM has over 140 biblical spiritual exercises, building your capacity through 7 levels of intensity, centred on Jesus Christ, designed to:

  • make your faith practical
  • equip you to function in your unique gift-set
  • launch you into your calling!

The Big Question

Why Do Most Christians Fail?

A Great Discovery

The Pattern & Design of the New Jerusalem!

HIS Vision – HIS Way

We believe that it’s essential for the Body of Christ to start doing things differently.

There is a great shaking that is busy intensifying and what ‘kind of’ worked in the past won’t work for what is coming next.

God is calling us back to HIS Vision and HIS Way and revealing deeper dimensions so that the Ekklēsia will come into the full maturity of Christ in this hour.

Key Features

Take Your Spiritual Growth to The Next Level!

Receive Trainer Support

Receive the needed personal support and stay motivated to reach your spiritual growth goals.

Exercise Your Spirit-Man

Practically exercise your faith and start seeing lasting results in your spiritual growth.

Learn Spiritual Navigation

Learn to navigate life by the leading of the Holy Spirit and reduce time wasted on unfruitful activities.

Discover Your Purpose

Discover God’s ultimate purpose and where you uniquely fit into His grand design.

Strengthen Your Foundations

Strengthen the foundations of your faith and gain joy and stability during tough times.

Follow God's Roadmap

Follow God’s roadmap for spiritual growth and never get lost again in the process of pursuing your destiny.

Track & Evaluate Your Progress

Know where you are at in your relationship with Jesus and which areas you can develop and grow in.

Explore Within Community

On our own, we can only discover a little bit of God’s riches, together we can uncover vast expanses.

Develop Progressively

The 7 Levels of Spiritual Exercise

Growth Simplified!

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect from the get-go. In His mercy, He created stages and levels through which we can progressively grow into mature sons and daughters.

If you are serious about your spiritual growth and you want to reach the finish line of this great race of faith, then consider joining SPIRIT-GYM.

The Adventure Awaits!

Spiritual Trainers 

Meet Our Team

Charmaine Loots

Charmaine Loots

Administration & Training Support for Women


I’m Charmane Loots and my destiny is to sound an awakening trumpet of plumbline messages so that I can help the Ekklēsia of Christ prepare as a Bride adorned for her Husband.

Gideon Loots

Gideon Loots

Training Instructor & Training Support for Men


I’m Gideon Loots and my destiny is to explore the pattern of God’s design so that I can help others find, and simplify the way to, their destinies.


What People Are Saying

“SPIRIT-GYM and the teachings that you will experience facilitates deep spiritual growth. Be prepared to walk a much closer walk with Jesus forever.

Gideon and Charmaine’s love and vision for the body of Christ is fresh and much needed.

I can never unlearn what I know now and highly recommend this to everyone. I pray that the Lord will lay it on your heart to come on board so that you too will be able to take what you learned out into the world.”

Corni Fourie

“Gideon and Charmaine’s love for the Lord is contagious and their ability to teach while at the same time allowing the Holy Spirit to flow and lead is a blessing.

Gideon explains the scriptures in a very practical way filled with truth. Applying the practical exercises in my daily walk has helped me tremendously in my spiritual growth.

From my personal experience, I will highly recommend SPIRIT-GYM in helping you reach and living from your destiny as God intended for each of us. Thank you both for being such a blessing.”

Gerrit Parkin

“SPIRIT-GYM is all about equipping you and me to reach our destinies in these challenging times.

Gideon offers a fresh approach on our journey as believers from salvation to sanctification to glorification on the foundation of the 7 days of Creation – what an eye-opener!

Gideon and Charmaine are also ever available to give support on a personal level. I am looking forward to new growth in myself in 2021!

SPIRIT-GYM will change you from the inside-out – come see for yourself!”

Elfreda Krantz

2020, What will I remember?

Covid? NO!

The Privilege of being part of SPIRIT-GYM!

I remember “Holy Spirit You Personal Trainer for Live and Godliness”

This truth and that it’s not about cognitive knowledge will be forever rooted in my Heart.

Thank You LORD JESUS.”

Rina Lubbe

Ready to Make a Change?

The journey of fulfilling your destiny starts with the first step in the right direction: Pursuing God’s ultimate will and purpose!