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Exercise 1.3 

Call Upon the Name of the LORD Who is Rich to All Who Call Upon HIS Name.

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1.2 Confess———————————– 1.3 Honour————————————- 1.4 Eat →

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  1. Mariaan

    While we were calling upon the Name of the Lord, I saw how many newspapers were being printed and they kept us very busy. Above the printing scene, a fresh, crystal clear stream of water was flowing from the heavenlies to the earth. While calling upon His Name, we drank from that water and we turned green on the inside. I heard: THE ATMOSPHERE IS SET FOR THE WORD TO GROW INSIDE OF YOU.🌱🌿🍀🌳

  2. Elsche Human

    For me personally, “calling ” always felt strange and unnatural, so I never got to pursue it wholeheartedly.

    Corporately (together with the group in the hub-meeting) calling upon the name of the LORD really helped me to release a “blockage” in my spirit, to a place where I could feel the Lord’s Presence again for the first time in a long while!

    I couldn’t stop smiling, because it was as if my spirit man was just drinking in the wonder of His Presence!

    I felt Father’s delight in what we were doing, because it really just allowed us to press into His Presence, and it was as if together, we helped one another reach that place.

    Even though by myself this still takes a lot of practice, the value of ‘calling’ has been established in my spirit!


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