Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny® Solution 

What is SPIRIT-GYM exactly?

SPIRIT-GYM is not only a spiritual training and equipping experience, but also a way for you to practise spiritual disciplines like prayer and meditating on God’s Word together with other believers.

SPIRIT-GYM is centred around spiritual disciplines essential for your sustained spiritual vitality and growth.

What Makes SPIRIT-GYM Different?

The difference is, you not only get training in these spiritual disciplines (e.g. how to spend quality time in God’s presence), but you also get the opportunity to practise these disciplines with other followers of Jesus Christ.

Added to that, you also have access to experienced trainers to help guide you on your journey of maturing into the fullness of Christ.


Most spiritual courses are aimed at your frontal lobe and not at your spirit-man. Knowledge can only take you so far, but practical experience gives you the know-how of living in the Spirit and functioning in your spiritual gifts.

SPIRIT-GYM gives you both the Scriptural foundations and practical experience!

How does SPIRIT-GYM Work?

You will receive teaching from God’s Word as a firm foundation to understand how the things of the Spirit and the spirit realm work.

This is followed by instructions on how to apply this knowledge as spiritual exercises or spiritual disciplines in your daily life.

You will then be practically trained in how exactly to do these spiritual exercises with a friend or in a group setting.

We will strongly encourage you to join with a friend as your “gym partner”.

You will then encourage one another during the week to practise the exercises and get together from time to time to do it together.

” It’s easier to stay motivated to go to the gym when you know someone is waiting for you.

Likewise, it’s easier to stay committed in prayer when you do it with a prayer partner. “

AND! Remember, your trainers will always be there for you when you need them.

With SPIRIT-GYM, you are never alone on this journey.

Where & When?

We have two options available for your convenience.

If you are residing in Bloemfontein South Africa (the SPIRIT-GYM base city), you can join us for the live classes on Monday mornings and evenings (for Stage 1 participants).

Morning classes start at 09:00 and Evening classes start at 18:00.

The second option: there will also be a livestream and zoom meeting for those who are unable to attend the in-person classes. This will stay available for those who are from a timezone that makes it difficult to attend the livestream and zoom meeting. 

Class Duration: 20-60min

SPIRIT-GYM 2021 Online Registration will be open from the 1st to the 7th of February.


Visit our website @ www.spirit-gym.com and click on the join/pricing tab to find out how you can get an affordable plan that works for you.

Who will Benefit from SPIRIT-GYM?

Individuals seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ and who wants to be trained to function in their God-given destiny. Although we encourage you to join with a partner rather than individually, we understand this isn’t always an option for everyone.

Friends with a spiritual history. This will help you support one another in deepening your relationships with Jesus. Nothing accelerates spiritual growth and keeps you motivated like doing it with a friend that cares about you.

Small groups. This is a great way to inject spiritual “steroids” into the effectiveness of your small group. Even greater news is: We have made it affordable for anyone to join so that no one COULD possibly be left out.

Spouses. If you and your spouse are serving the Lord together, this is an ideal way to grow closer to God and one another and make your marriage partnership a spiritual force to be reconded with. Plus, only one of you has to pay for the course (applies to married couples only).

Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny® Solution

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