Comment Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines used for comment approval:

  1. Spam or self-promotion comments and links will not be approved. This includes links to other sites as well as links to your own sites. We have to be fair to everyone — so spammers and non spammers cannot post links.
  1. Flames or anything remotely similar to a flame will not be approved. A flame is an attack on someone personally, impugning their motives and/or character.
  1. Comments that bash churches, people, or organizations will not be approved. It’s one thing to critique a church, a person, a ministry, or an organization by stating general principles (rather than by name). But it’s another thing to misrepresent, bash, run it down by name and/or judge its motivations.
  1. Comments that slander, make personal accusations against, misrepresent other people or their work, or judge their motives will not be approved. This is a Christian blog. Paul said, “malign no one” NASB; “speak evil of no one” NKJV; “slander no one” NIV (Titus 3:2). So the comments will not be used as a platform for engaging in these things.
  1. Posts that contain gossip about others will not be approved. Gossip is second or third-hand information that puts someone in a negative light without their knowledge or consent. The information can be true, false, or partially inaccurate.
  1. Comments that the Blog Manager doesn’t understand due to confusing content or language will not be approved. If the Blog Manger doesn’t understand it, there’s a good chance that others won’t either.
  1. Comments that repeat what others have said or have already been answered won’t be approved. This just keeps the flow of conversation going and not sidetracked.
  1. Too many comments by the same person on a single post may not be approved. Comment once, then wait to respond to someone else’s comment. But be careful how often you comment on a single post.
  1. Comments that are purely contentious or defamatory won’t be approved. Disagreements are allowed of course, but contentious comments that contain a defamatory tone will not be approved.
  1. Sometimes legitimate comments go into the spam folder, so they are not seen by the moderator. So if your comment doesn’t violate any of the above standards, assume that it went into spam and no one saw it. Because the spam folder garners hundreds of spam comments per week, the entire folder is deleted each week without viewing the contents.

Credit goes to Frank Viola for these guidelines. These guidelines will be adapted later to be more suited for the purpose of this platform.