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5. CONDITIONING Your Faculties to Serve GOD in Every Situation.

5.1   Exercise Your Spiritual Faculties as a Testimony to the World Around You.

5.2   Collaborate with Other Believers in Exercising Your Spiritual Faculties.

5.3   Operate in Your Spiritual Gifts and Spread the Life of CHRIST to Others.

5.4   Wait Upon the LORD and Partner with the LORD Spread HIS Life.

5.5   Train Your Spirit to Full Capacity.

5.6   Stir-Up the Gift of God in You and Stay Ready for Every Good Work.

5.7   Impart Your Ministry Anointing to Others with the Same Gift as You.

5.8   Multiply Imparters by Helping Others to Impart Their Ministry Anointing.

5.9   Aim to Fill the Places You Minister in with Imparters.

5.10   Condition Your Faculties to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s Operation 24/7.

5.11   Cooperate with HOLY SPIRIT Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

L2 5. COOPERATING with the HOLY SPIRIT’s Operation 24/7.

L2 5.1   Stay Fit and Prepared for Every Good Work.

L2 5.2   Team-Up with Others in the Body for Good Works Needing Different Abilities.

L2 5.3   Be Faithfull to Do the Work GOD Prepared for You and to Do it Well.

L2 5.4   Function Together within the Body of CHRIST.

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Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny® Solution

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