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6. CHERISHING The Spiritual DNA of CHRIST in Others.

6.1   Nurture the Seed of Christ in Others with Your Spiritual and Natural Resources.

6.2   Outwit the Flesh in Others to Overcome the World and Gain a Harvest for CHRIST.  

6.3   Tolerate Suffering in Your Life and be Patient with Slow Growth in Others.

6.4   Keep Yourself in the Love of GOD Towards Others by Celebrating their Value.

6.6   Produce Sonship in Others by Imparting Your Portion of CHRIST’s Life into Them.

6.5   Steward Your Resources to Invest All into HIS Seed and Receive Eternal Reward.  

6.7   Multiply Producers by Training Others to Impart their Portion of CHRIST’s Life.

6.8   Aim to Fill the Places You Minister in with Producers.

6.9   Appreciate the Lord for All He has Done in and Around You.

6.10   Cherish the Seed to Supply Your Resources for the Expression of HIS DNA 24/7.

6.11   Supply Resources Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

L2 6. SUPPLING Your Life for the Expression of the LORD’s DNA 24/7.

L2 6.1   Stay Invested in CHRIST and HIS Kingdom Seed.

L2 6.2   Evaluate Your Investments Regularly and Give an Account of Your Stewardship.

L2 6.3   Learn to Sacrifice and Suffer for the LORD’s Family 1.

L2 6.4   Learn to Sacrifice and Suffer for the LORD’s Family 2.

L2 6.5   Learn to Sacrifice and Suffer for the LORD’s Family 3.

L2 6.6   Share Resources in the Family of GOD (Mutual E During Holidays).

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Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny® Solution

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