Get fit as a five-fold ministry equipper to train others in ‘God’s Blueprint Map for Spiritual Growth and Kingdom Living’, and get exclusive access to all training outlines and detailed notes that you can use to train others.

Do you know how to take others from where they are to the next level of spiritual growth in progressive steps? Join now and get trained!

 Intensive Training

The five-fold ministry equipper training is an intensive training experience that should only be taken by those who feel called to equip others and who are committed to learning how to do so.

This is like intense bible school training. Your assignment each week is to rewrite the outlines in your own words with adjustments based on your own convictions and experience. Then you will present this content to your trainer and justify your adjustments.

After you have done so, you will be asked some questions for consideration, and you will be given a score based on whether you effectively touched on each of the topics in the outlines.

When you have finished this training, you will effectively join God’s five-fold ministry special forces.

How it works

1. Join as an Equipper

Give what you’re able to, starting from R900 per month (about $52 per month). With this, you get exclusive access to all training outlines and the detailed notes.

2. Do the Equippers Training

Watch the training videos and then simply follow the SPIRIT-GYM Equippers Training.

3. Equip Others with our Support


Do a weekly video call with us to demonstrate your ability to teach your own version of the content and for feedback and support.

How much is your destiny worth to you?

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Value of this Course: R500+ pm/30$+ pm

You Decide How Much You Are Willing To Pay (You Can Also Apply for the Free Option)

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