Get fit as a new testament house church to function according to God’s original design.

We train house churches to build on ‘The 12 Functions of Jesus Christ, the Foundation of the Ekklēsia’ and by instilling ‘The 12 Values of Sons in God’s Kingdom Household’.

Participating in house church should be the most liberating and exciting experience of your life – one that has a profound impact on the world around you.

However, house church is either frustrating, boring, or impactless if you don’t have kingdom culture, vision, and values.

Get clear on God’s purpose and design for New Testament organic house church.

Download our ‘House Church Outline’  to see what we believe an authentic organic New Testament house church that is built on Jesus Christ looks like.

Join us on this glorious quest.

As the developers of the SPIRIT-GYM TRAINING, we know that house churches are the way of the future as persecution and government control increase worldwide and as revival is about to break out everywhere. We know that you want to be ready, fit, and thriving in the midst of what is about to hit the earth.

There are many models for ‘house church’ available on the internet and elsewhere. These range from small institutional churches in a house, to an average Bible study calling itself a church, to small ‘organic churches’ that have very little impact on the world around them.

Trying to figure out how to become an affective house church on our own is a frustrating experience, and you risk making unnecessary mistakes. We have more than 13 years’ experience in pursuing authentic organic house church, and we have also learned from others with more experience.

We believe you shouldn’t struggle on your journey, and you should have guides (like we had) to help you navigate scripture and share their experience. We know what it feels like to struggle with house church and not to have access to hands-on equippers to help you.

Join us now and learn to function as God’s household in your city, and have a profound impact on the territory God has assigned you to.

How it works

1. Join as a House Church

Give what you feel the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to give each month.

2. Do the Ekklesia Training

Watch the Ekklēsia Training video with your group and then simply follow the SPIRIT-GYM training according to the principles you learned in the Ekklēsia Training.

3. Journey with our Support

Stay in touch with us via a short weekly video call to receive feedback and support.

How much is your destiny worth to you?

Watch This Video Before You Decide!

Value of this Course: R500+ pm/30$+ pm

You Decide How Much You Are Willing To Pay (You Can Also Apply for the Free Option)

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