Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny Solution 



Stage 1

CentrING Your Life’s Focus on JESUS CHRIST!!!

0. Desire: The Quest of GOD and the Battle of the Ages

1. CENTRING Your Life’s Focus on JESUS CHRIST.

1.1   Honour the HOLY SPIRIT – Your Personal Trainer for Life and Godliness.

1.2   Confess Your Faith in the Light of the Full Gospel of the Glory of CHRIST.

1.3   Call Upon the Name of the LORD Who is Rich to All Who Call Upon HIS Name.

1.4   Eat the WORD by Speaking the WORD.

1.5   Behold the LORD’s Goodness in the WORD.

1.6   Separate Yourself Unto the LORD to Go Deeper in Your Relationship with HIM.

1.7   Discern in the Spirit Realm and Exercise Your Spiritual Senses.

1.8   Centre Your Focus on JESUS CHRIST to Settle in HIS Presence 24/7.

1.9   Settle in HIS Presence Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

1.9   Settle in HIS Presence Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

A 1. SETTLING in the LORD’s Presence 24/7.

   A 1.1   Stay Aware of the LORD’s Presence.

   A 1.3   Converse with the LORD Instead of Thinking to Yourself.

   A 1.2   Set the LORD Always Before You (Psalm 16:8).

   A 1.5   Engage the Highest Reality in CHRIST in Heavenly Places.

   A 1.4   Minister unto the LORD in All You Do.

   A 1.6   Make Melody in Your Heart to the LORD and Sing the LORD’s Name.

   A 1.7   Explore the Depths of the Highest Reality in CHRIST.

   A 1.8   Affirm Spiritual Realities in CHRIST through Breath Prayers.

   A 1.9   Discover the Depths of CHRIST Together 1 (Mutual E During Holidays).

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