Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny Solution 



Stage 2

Orienting Your Will towards Denying Yourself and Following JESUS.

2.1   Experientially Know JESUS CHRIST and HIM Crucified in Your Daily Life.

2.2   Reckon Yourself Dead to Sin and Alive unto GOD to Overcome Temptation.

2.3   Inquire of the LORD in Your Daily Decision Making.

2.4   Listen for the LORD’s Guidance in Your Daily Life.

2.5   Discipline Yourself by the SPIRIT’s Power to Gain Self-Control in Your Daily Life.

2.6   Consistently Depend on the Life of CHRIST to Overcome Failure Due to Self-Effort.

2.7   Discern the LORD’s Voice and the SPIRIT’s Leading in Your Daily Life.

2.8   Interpret Dreams Part 1 – The Dynamics and Meanings of Dreams.

2.9  Interpret Dreams Part 2 – Practical Tools to Help You Interpret Your Dreams.

2.10   Orient Your Will to Flow in the SPIRIT 24/7.

2.11   Flow in the SPIRIT Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

A 2. FLOWING in the SPIRIT 24/7.

A 2.1   Stay Yielded For and To the HOLY SPIRIT’s Leading.

A 2.2   Incline Your Ear to the Finer Detail and Nuance of the LORD’s Voice.

A 2.3   Prioritise by the SPIRIT.

A 2.4   Remember Information by the SPIRIT.

A 2.5   Keep Time by the SPIRIT.

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