Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny Solution 



Stage 3

POSTURING Your Mind to Perceive by the WORD of GOD.

3. POSTURING Your Mind to Perceive by the WORD of GOD.

3.1   Understand the WORD by Receiving the WORD on Good Soil.

3.2   Discern Sound Biblical Teaching by the Resurrection Principle.

3.3   Meditate on the WORD to Perceive by the WORD.

3.4   Delight Yourself in the LORD by Faith to Overcome Sin.

3.5   Yield Yourself to the Wisdom of the LORD in Temptation.

3.6   Endure in Truth for an Abundant Harvest of Eternal Fruit.

3.7   Search the Scriptures and Study the WORD.

3.8   Contend for the Faith Which was ‘Once for All Delivered to the Saints’.

3.9   Enjoy the Fruit of the SPIRIT in Your Daily Living!

3.10   Posture Your Mind to Perceive and Testify of the LORD’s Resurrection 24/7.

3.11   Testify of the Resurrection Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

A 3. BEARING the Testimony of the Lord’s Resurrection 24/7.

   A 3.1   Stay Perceptive by the Mind of CHRIST.

   A 3.2   Memorise Scripture.

   A 3.3   Meditate on the WORD Day and Night.

   A 3.4   Develop a Logos Memory System.

   A 3.5   Create Logos Memory Triggers.

   A 3.6   Speak the Truth in Sword Training (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

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