Get fit as a small group to function together as the body of Christ, and learn to be a supporting community in each other’s lives.

The purpose of a small group should be to connect and share life in Christ with one another.

However, we often fall into the trap of either being more like a social club or an endless cognitive discussion group with very little connection with the presence of Christ in our midst.

Learn to connect deeply with Christ and one another in Him as His body, and take your small group to the next level of effectiveness.

We have more than 15 years’ experience in training small groups in effective group processes and equipping small groups to function in God’s presence under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How it works

1. Join as Facilitator

Give what you’re able to, starting from R700 per month (about $40 per month).

2. Do Facilitators Training

Watch the Facilitators Training video and then simply follow the SPIRIT-GYM training according to the principles you learned in the Facilitators Training.

3. Facilitate with our Support

Stay in touch with us via a short weekly video call to receive feedback and support.

How much is your destiny worth to you?

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Value of this Course: R500+ pm/30$+ pm

You Decide How Much You Are Willing To Pay (You Can Also Apply for the Free Option)

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