Spirit-Gym is a Reach Your Destiny Solution 




0. Desire: The Quest of GOD and the Battle of the Ages

1. CENTRING Your Life’s Focus on JESUS CHRIST.

1.1   Honour the HOLY SPIRIT – Your Personal Trainer for Life and Godliness.

1.2   Confess Your Faith in the Full Gospel of the Glory of CHRIST.

1.3   Call Upon the Name of the LORD and HIS SPIRIT Will Fill Your Being.

1.4   Eat the WORD by Speaking the WORD and Reading Scripture Will Become a Joy.

1.5   Behold the LORD’s Goodness in the WORD as Your Doorway into HIS Depths.

1.6   Separate Yourself Unto the LORD and Grow Faster in Your Faith.

1.7   Learn How to Discern in the Spirit Realm and Exercise Your Spiritual Senses.

1.8   Centre Your Life’s Focus on JESUS CHRIST to Settle in HIS Presence 24/7.

1.9   Settle in HIS Presence Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

2. Orienting Your Will towards Denying Yourself and Following JESUS.

2.1   Experientially Know JESUS CHRIST and HIM Crucified in Your Daily Life.

2.2   Reckon Yourself Dead to Sin and Alive unto GOD to Overcome Temptation.

2.3   Inquire of the LORD in Your Daily Decision Making.

2.4   Listen for the LORD’s Guidance in Your Daily Life.

2.5   Discipline Yourself by the SPIRIT’s Power to Gain Self-Control in Your Daily Life.

2.6   Consistently Depend on the Life of CHRIST to Overcome Failure Due to Self-Effort.

2.7   Discern the LORD’s Voice and the SPIRIT’s Leading in Your Daily Life.

2.8   Interpret Dreams Part 1 – The Dynamics and Meanings of Dreams.

2.9  Interpret Dreams Part 2 – Practical Tools to Help You Interpret Your Dreams.

2.10   Orient Your Will to Flow in the SPIRIT 24/7.

2.11   Flow in the SPIRIT Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

3. POSTURING Your Mind to Perceive by the WORD of GOD.

3.1   Understand the WORD by Receiving the WORD on Good Soil.

3.2   Discern Sound Biblical Teaching by the Resurrection Principle.

3.3   Meditate on the WORD to Perceive by the WORD.

3.4   Delight Yourself in the LORD by Faith to Overcome Sin.

3.5   Yield Yourself to the Wisdom of the LORD in Temptation.

3.6   Endure in Truth for an Abundant Harvest of Eternal Fruit.

3.7   Search the Scriptures and Study the WORD.

3.8   Contend for the Faith Which was ‘Once for All Delivered to the Saints’.

3.9   Enjoy the Fruit of the SPIRIT in Your Daily Living!

3.10   Posture Your Mind to Perceive and Testify of the LORD’s Resurrection 24/7.

3.11   Testify of the Resurrection Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

4. ALIGNING Your Life’s Intent to Pursue GOD’s Eternal Purpose.

4.1   Envision the Pattern of the LORD’s house and the Intent of HIS Eternal Purpose.

4.2   Differentiate Clearly Between the Pattern of Babylon and the Pattern of Zion.

4.3   Discover and Anticipate Your Destiny Design within the LORD’s Pattern.

4.4   Discover and Anticipate Your Specific Calling within the Lord’s Eternal Purpose.

4.5   Anticipate the Seasons You Will Need to Go Through to Reach Your Destiny.

4.6   Plan Your Pursuit of GOD’s Eternal Purpose.

4.7   Labour in Prayer and Pursuit in the Cycles of the LORD’s Seasons.

4.8   Cast a Worshipful Atmosphere Around You in Labouring Prayer.

4.9   Bask in the Pattern of the LORD’s Glory.

4.10   Align Your Life’s Intent to Accommodate the LORD’s Life and Living 24/7.

4.11   Accommodate HIM Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

Second YEAR:

5. CONDITIONING Your Faculties to Serve GOD in Every Situation.

5.1   Exercise Your Spiritual Faculties as a Testimony to the World Around You.

5.2   Collaborate with Other Believers in Exercising Your Spiritual Faculties.

5.3   Operate in Your Spiritual Gifts and Spread the Life of CHRIST to Others.

5.4   Wait Upon the LORD and Partner with the LORD to Spread HIS Life.

5.5   Train Your Spirit to Full Capacity.

5.6   Stir-Up the Gift of GOD in You and Stay Ready for Every Good Work.

5.7   Fully Surrender to the Serving Life of CHRIST to be Fruitful in Service to GOD.

5.8   Impart the Life of CHRIST in Service to Others to Multiply HIS Seed of Servanthood.

5.9   Expand the Reach of Your Services in CHRIST to Fill New Territories with HIS Seed.

5.10   Condition Your Faculties to Cooperate with the HOLY SPIRIT’s Operation 24/7.

5.11   Cooperate with HOLY SPIRIT Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

6. CHERISHING The Spiritual DNA of CHRIST in Others.

6.1   Nurture the Seed of CHRIST in Others with Your Spiritual and Natural Resources.

6.2   Outwit the Flesh in Others to Overcome the World and Gain a Harvest for CHRIST.

6.3   Bear with the Weakness of the Flesh in Others and the Suffering it Causes.

6.4   Keep Yourself in the Love of GOD Towards Others by Celebrating their Value.

6.5   Steward Your Resources to Invest All in HIS Seed and Receive Eternal Reward.

6.6   Fully Adopt the Values of GOD’s Kingdom to be Fruitful in Your Sonship to HIM.

6.7   Impart the Values of GOD’s Kingdom to Others to Multiply HIS Seed of Sonship.

6.8   Expand the Reach of GOD’s Kingdom Values to Fill New Territories with HIS Seed.

6.9   Appreciate the LORD for All HE has Done in and Around You.

6.10   Cherish the Seed to Supply Your Resources for the Expression of HIS DNA 24/7.

6.11   Supply Resources Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

7. BONDING Through the SPIRIT to the Life of CHRIST in Others.

7.1   Connect to GOD and Others through the Finished Work of CHRIST on the Cross.

7.2   Loosen Yourself from Negative Soul-Ties through the Finished Work on the Cross.

7.3   Intercede for Others by the Empathy of CHRIST in the Finished Work on the Cross.

7.4   Retreat to Be Alone with GOD in Regular Cycles.

7.5   Contact Fellow Believers in Regular Cycles.

7.6   Fellowship Together in the Body of CHRIST in Regular Cycles.

7.7   Reconcile the Body to the Supply of the SPIRIT in the Body in Times of Fellowship.

7.8   Harmonise All the Inputs in the SPIRIT and Live in Community.

7.9   Celebrate the LORD for what He has Done in the Lives of Others.

7.10   Bond Through the SPIRIT to Commune with the LORD in Union 24/7.

7.11   Commune with the LORD Together (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

A 1. SETTLING in the LORD’s Presence 24/7.

   A 1.1   Stay Aware of the LORD’s Presence.

   A 1.2   Set the LORD Always Before You (Psalm 16:8).

   A 1.3   Converse with the LORD Instead of Thinking to Yourself.

   A 1.4   Minister unto the LORD in All You Do.

   A 1.5   Engage the Highest Reality in CHRIST in Heavenly Places.

   A 1.6   Make Melody in Your Heart to the LORD and Sing the LORD’s Name.

   A 1.7   Explore the Depths of the Highest Reality in CHRIST.

   A 1.8   Affirm Spiritual Realities in CHRIST through Breath Prayers.

   A 1.9   Discover the Depths of CHRIST Together 1 (Mutual E During Holidays).

   A 1.10   Discover the Depths of CHRIST Together 2 (Mutual E During Holidays).

Third YEAR:

A 2. FLOWING in the SPIRIT 24/7.

A 2.1   Stay Yielded For and To the HOLY SPIRIT’s Leading.

A 2.2   Incline Your Ear to the Finer Detail and Nuance of the LORD’s Voice.

A 2.3   Prioritise by the SPIRIT.

A 2.4   Remember Information by the SPIRIT.

A 2.5   Keep Time by the SPIRIT.

A 3. BEARING the Testimony of the Lord’s Resurrection 24/7.

   A 3.1   Stay Perceptive by the Mind of CHRIST.

   A 3.2   Memorise Scripture.

   A 3.3   Meditate on the WORD Day and Night.

   A 3.4   Develop a Logos Memory System.

   A 3.5   Create Logos Memory Triggers.

   A 3.6   Speak the Truth in Sword Training (Mutual Encouragement During Holidays).

A 4. ACCOMMODATING the Lord’s Life and Living 24/7.

A 4.1   Stay Anticipative of the LORD’s Ultimate Intent.

A 4.2   Travail in Groaning Prayer for the Fulfilment of the HIS Ultimate Intent.

A 4.3   Conform Your Lifestyle to the LORD’s Ultimate Intent.

A 4.4   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Conviction.

A 4.5   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Coordination.

A 4.6   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Regeneration.

A 4.7   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Conformation.

A 4.8   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Ministration.

A 4.9   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Valuation.

A 4.10   Make Room in Your Lifestyle for the LORD’s Assuagement.

A 4.11   Prophesy to One Another in Anticipation (Mutual E During Holidays).

A 5. COOPERATING with the HOLY SPIRIT’s Operation 24/7.

A 5.1   Stay Fit and Prepared for Every Good Work.

A 5.2   Team-Up with Others in the Body for Good Works Needing Different Abilities.

A 5.3   Be Faithfull to Do the Work GOD Prepared for You and to Do it Well.

A 5.4   Function Together within the Body of CHRIST

A 6. SUPPLING Your Life for the Expression of the LORD’s DNA 24/7.

A 6.1   Stay Invested in CHRIST and HIS Kingdom Seed.

A 6.2   Evaluate Your Investments Regularly and Give an Account of Your Stewardship.

A 6.3   Learn to Sacrifice and Suffer for the LORD’s Family 1.

A 6.4   Learn to Sacrifice and Suffer for the LORD’s Family 2.

A 6.5   Learn to Sacrifice and Suffer for the LORD’s Family 3.

A 6.6   Share Resources in the Family of GOD (Mutual E During Holidays).

A 7. COMMUNING within the Comunity of God in Union 24/7.

A 7.1   Stay Communal in the Community of GOD in Daily Life.

A 7.2   Stay Convictionally Connected in the Community of GOD.

A 7.3   Stay Volitionally Connected in the Community of GOD.

A 7.4   Stay Mentally Connected in the Community of GOD.

A 7.5   Stay Ideologically Connected in the Community of GOD.

A 7.6   Stay Functionally Connected in the Community of GOD.

A 7.7   Stay Economically Connected in the Community of GOD.

A 7.8   Stay Emotionally Connected in the Community of GOD.

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