Get spiritually fit and ready for your life’s mission in the shortest possible time!

We provide training to individual seekers, small groups, house churches, and five-fold ministry equippers according to ‘God’s Blueprint Map for Spiritual Growth and Kingdom Living’.

Preparing for your mission should be
straightforward and simple!

Do you feel stuck and frustrated with the system: the world, work, church, life as usual?

Are you tired of living a boring unfulfilling life that has very little impact on the world around you? Yet, you don’t know how to break out and get ready for your mission?

Start Living Your Design!

Start Walking in Your Life’s Mission Today
Follow the 7 stages and 7 aspects of ‘God’s Blueprint Map for Spiritual Growth and Kingdom Living’ and start seeing results today.

Discover Your Unique Gifts and Calling.
Through this course, you will not only find out what your unique gifts are, but you will also discover how to approach each of the 7 stages and 7 aspects of God’s Blueprint Map according to your unique spiritual makeup and calling.

Effect Change in the World Around You
You are immeasurably valuable to God’s kingdom, just as He made you. Even if you don’t always feel that way. Discover your unique contribution and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Build Connections to Help You Succeed
We are all called to operate as members of the Body of Christ. We can’t thrive or even function properly on our own. Join a community of passionate believers who are learning to mutually support one another in the 7 aspects of kingdom living.

Join the Adventure of Your Life
To serve God in radical obedience, especially if you have the support of others on the journey with you, is the most existing thing that you could do with your life. Join us in partnering with God, and see Him work in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.

Meet Your Guide

Gideon Loots

Developer & Trainerspirit-gym

Gideon knows what it feels like to be frustrated by his own lack of spiritual progress. He, too, felt lost as to what truths he should learn next on his journey. For this reason, he spent over 15 years in dedicated prayer and study of God’s Word to search for ‘God’s Blueprint Map for Spiritual Growth and Kingdom Living’. 2023 will be the 4th year he is presenting this course and more than 60 people are currently in training.

These are the questions that led him into this study: “God, the master designer of the universe and everything in it, the God that doesn’t just do things randomly, the God that leaves nothing up to chance. Doesn’t He have a map of progressive stages with which we can navigate our spiritual growth? Doesn’t He have a blueprint that reveals how all the aspects of our lives are supposed to work together as an integrated, coherent whole?”

It turns out, HE does!

Download the PDF outline: ‘God’s Blueprint Map for Spiritual Growth and Kingdom Living’


What others are saying:


“SPIRIT-GYM and the teachings that you will experience facilitates deep spiritual growth. Be prepared to walk a much closer walk with Jesus forever.

Gideon and Charmaine’s love and vision for the body of Christ is fresh and much needed.

Corni Fourie

“Gideon and Charmaine’s love for the Lord is contagious and their ability to teach while at the same time allowing the Holy Spirit to flow and lead is a blessing.

Gideon explains the scriptures in a very practical way filled with truth. Applying the practical exercises in my daily walk has helped me tremendously in my spiritual growth.

Gerrit Parkin

“At Spirit gym, I am in training for the strenuous times ahead! This happens in a spontaneous atmosphere, where we connect with each other, and with Jesus, calling upon His Name, exalting Who He is, while His Spirit flows freely amongst us.

Together with this, Gideon breaks open the Word, from a fresh perspective, sending us out with new zeal for the week.

Elfreda Krantz

“The content, knowledge, wisdom and spiritual insight are of a very high standard. It challenged me in the way that I perceive my spiritual walk with the Lord and inspired me to go deeper and find my “sweet spot” in the Lord.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to get to the place where they want to encounter the Lord in a deeper understanding of why they were created.”

Rudo vd Merwe

Finantial Advider

How to Enter Your Life’s Mission

1. Choose Your Amount

(You Can Apply for Free Option)

Pay what you’re able to. Small groups, house churches, and five-fold ministry equippers choose your amount with a ‘starting from’ option.

2. Attend a Weekly Hub Gathering

(Online, In Person or Start One)

Watch the videos with your weekly hub gathering and do the practical exercises together (you also get individual access to the content).

3. Step Into Your Life’s Mission

(In as Little as 2 Hours a Week!)

Step into your life’s mission week by week. It’s as simple as following the training and doing the exercises each week.


House Churches


Be trained as a house church.  This training is designed to expose believers to how the church is supposed to function according to the New Testament ‘Blueprint for Kingdom Living’. Simply follow this training as a house church and it will help you grow together and teach you how to function as an Organic New Testament House Church.

Individual Seekers




Be trained as individual by following ‘God’s Map for Spiritual Growth’ and learn to become a functional member of the Household of God by building relationships with other believers according to ‘God’s Blueprint for Kingdom Living’.

Small Groups




Be trained as a small group. This training can be applied to groups that want to journey together. It is designed to teach you how to grow together and how to function together in a community according to ‘God’s Blueprint for Kingdom Living’.

Five-Fold Ministry Equippers




Be trained to train others according to ‘God’s Blueprint Map for Spiritual Growth and Kingdom Living’ and get access to restricted content for Five-Fold Ministry Equippers only.